This is the supporting website for the publication: "Quantitative estimation of gene-to-phenotype contributions from genome-wide siRNA screens."

PheLiM (Phenotypic Linear Model) integrates predictions of off- and on-target siRNA-induced down-regulation to infer gene-specific contributions to phenotypes that are measured in RNA interference screens. The inference of phenotype-critical genes from siRNA-based screens is challenging, due to pervasive off-target effects of siRNAs. Combining state-of-the-art off-target predictions with predictions of relative on-target efficacy of siRNAs, PheLiM estimates quantitatively the contribution of individual genes to the phenotypes measured through siRNA screening.
Below you can find supporting files to test PheLiM package (PheLiM github)

Download input files from:

Schultz et al., Silence, 2011 (here)

Tiedmann et al., Cancer Res., 2012 (here)

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